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How your Donation Helps

A Savage Saved Documentary Short

A Savage Saved Documentary Short

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Every Sunday at 2pm. Saved Savage holds services at different bars across the country. Run and staffed by men and women who fully embrace the message that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom we are chief.


This ministry requires time, outreach, and donations to spread, not just across Texas, but everywhere there are savages in need of a Savior. Your donation will go to helping us preach the Word of God and the love of His Son Jesus Christ to all the lost and forgotten.


All who were called by Christ are saved savages, some just a little more savage than others.


We thank you for your support and we urge you to spread the good news of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ every day and in every way!!


Saved Savage Founder

Randal Reeder

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